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Episode 13

The Past, Present and Future of Kubernetes with Craig McLuckie

Craig has loads of expertise and shareable experience in the cloud native space and we have a fascinating c... See More

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Episode 12

Learning Distributed Systems

Today we discuss the necessity (or not) of formal education in working in the realm of distributed systems.... See More

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Episode 11

CI and CD in Cloud Native

CI and CD are two terms that usually get spoken about together but are actually two different things entire... See More

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Episode 10

The Dichotomy of Security

Security is inherently dichotomous because it involves hardening an application to protect it from external... See More

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Episode 9

Stateful and Stateless Workloads

The purpose of today’s show is coming to a deeper understanding of the meaning of ‘stateful’ versus ‘statel... See More

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Episode 8

Disaster and Recovery

In this episode we discuss some of the different ways that people are backing things up to suit theiwr indi... See More

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Episode 7

Kubernetes as per Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey begins by telling us what he has been doing and shares with us his passion for learning in public an... See More

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Episode 6

A Conversation with Joe Beda

We use this open table discussion to look at a bunch of exciting topics from Joe's past, present, and futur... See More

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Episode 5

Cloud Native Infrastructure

Where does code live and run and what does it mean to create a cloud native infrastructure? Tune in to find... See More

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Episode 4

Understanding Observability

Observability - what the term means, how it relates to the process of software development, and the importa... See More

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Episode 3

Why API Contracts Are Important

The focus today is on the importance of contracts and how API's help us and fit into the cloud native space.

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Episode 2

Making Sense of Container Orchestration

Container orchestration in Kubernetes is so popular today but it can be difficult to know whether container... See More

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Episode 1

Cloud Native

Today we share our vision for this podcast and explain the unique angle from which we will approach our con... See More

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